Feb 22, 2024 Michael M. Day Law Firm

Why a Dashcam is a Good Investment

While dashcams were once viewed as a novelty or high-tech tool for professional drivers, there are numerous reasons why all drivers should now be using a dashcam for their everyday driving. The technology has come down significantly in price to the point where it is in an investment that can pay off in regular use, such as insurance transactions or vehicle management within a family.

Studies suggest that the use of dashcams can make the roads safer overall, in addition to protecting your legal and financial interests. So here are just a few reasons why so many attorneys believe dashcams are a good investment.

Understanding Dashcams

Before you can understand the value of a dash cam, it is helpful to understand what this tool is. A dashcam is a small camera that records digital video images. It is usually mounted on the dashboard of a car, truck, or other vehicle. Dashcams continuously record images through the front windshield and, depending on the type, may also record information visible through other windows or within the vehicle itself.

Basic dashcams cost considerably less than $100, and a high-quality model can be had for less than $200. Installation is simple. Once installed, a dash cam provides evidence that is hard to deny when it comes to determining what occurred in a situation.

A Dashcam Can Help You Recover Compensation After a Car Accident

To recover damages if you were injured in an accident involving a car, truck, or other vehicle, you need evidence to demonstrate that another driver was responsible for causing the accident. Many people rely on the statements of witnesses or photos of vehicle damage and skid marks to piece together the story of the events leading up to the accident. In some cases, people bring in crash reconstruction experts who serve as expert witnesses. However, video evidence showing what happened can be more persuasive than any other form of evidence.

If you have footage from a dashcam that shows a driver speeding, running a red light, cutting off another vehicle, or looking at a handheld device, it can be very difficult for that driver and their insurance company to argue that they did not take this type of negligent action. Moreover, the video footage might actually show how the negligent action triggered the accident.

This makes it much more likely that the party caught on camera will settle the case for a fair amount without the need for the delays of a trial in court. If the case is tried, then the video evidence will be very persuasive to a judge.

A Dashcam Can Help Prove Your Innocence

If others are accusing you of improper actions and saying that you caused an accident, footage from your dashcam could be used to prove that you did not commit the actions you are accused of. This can prevent you from being held liable for thousands of dollars in damages. Your footage may not show precisely the actions that caused the accident, but it could be sufficient to prove that you were not the one who acted negligently.

This can help keep your insurance rates low or prevent your insurance company from canceling your policy.

A Dashcam Encourages Safe Driving

There are studies that show that drivers operate more cautiously when they know they are being watched. With a dash cam recording all driving, anyone you lend your car to will know they will be held accountable for their actions. This can encourage them to slow down and stop instead of trying to run a yellow light, drive within the speed limit, allow more space behind the vehicle in front, signal turns, and practice other desirable habits.

A Dashcam Can Deter Theft and Vandalism

Dashcams can often be set to start recording as soon as they detect motion. That means that if someone approaches your vehicle, they will be detected. Just the sight of the camera could cause a would-be thief or vandal to choose another target. If they do damage or break into your vehicle, the dashcam could provide evidence of their identity.

A Dashcam Can Help You Keep an Eye on Young Drivers in the Family

The recording produced by a dashcam can show you what other drivers in the family have been up to. You can see where they’ve been and how responsibly they have been driving.

A Dashcam Could Help You Fight a Traffic Ticket

Some dashcams have built-in speedometers, night vision, GPS tracking, and other features. If you have been accused of speeding or other moving violations, evidence from your dashcam could be used in court to fight the charges and protect your driving record.

A Dashcam Could Provide Evidence in a Case of Stalking or Road Rage

No one wants to anticipate a situation where someone is stalking them, but it does happen. Road rage incidents are becoming increasingly common on the crowded roads in Decatur and the greater Atlanta area. If you have a dashcam and you suffer from one of these unfortunate situations, your camera can provide valuable evidence to use to identify wrongdoers and seek justice. Just pointing to your dashcam could be enough to stop undesirable conduct.

Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC Understands How to Use Evidence to Your Advantage

Footage from a dashcam can provide evidence that is hard to dispute, and for that reason, it can be valuable in a wide range of situations. However, if you were in an accident and you don’t have a dashcam, we know how to find other persuasive evidence to support your case for compensation as well. Contact the team at Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC today to learn how much your case may be worth and how we can help you fight for the best possible recovery. Just reach out to us online or call 404-480-4284 to get started.