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A slip and fall injury can lead to extensive costs in terms of medical bills and lost earnings. When the accident or incident that led to your slip and fall was caused by someone or something else, an experienced Georgia slip and fall lawyer can help you navigate the complex process of claiming your damages and ultimately collecting them. Common examples of recoverable slip and fall injuries include a fall on a puddle of grease at a restaurant or grocery store or tripping over a power cord that was not sufficiently covered at a live event.

Whatever the circumstances behind your slip and fall, the costs associated with your injuries are very real, and recovering compensation to cover them is important for you and your family’s financial stability and future. To get started with a free consultation from an experienced Georgia slip and fall lawyer, connect with Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC. Read on to learn more about slip and fall injuries and the types of damages injured persons might be entitled to for them.

Places Where Recoverable Slip & Fall Injuries Happen

While any slip and fall injury can lead to extensive medical bills and even long-term disability, collecting compensation for your injuries will depend upon the unique circumstances that led to your injury. When someone or something else is responsible for your slip and fall injuries, you will generally be able to collect compensation. If you caused your own injuries, you will likely need to turn to your own insurance company and funds for coverage. If you have questions about who is at fault for your injuries, a Georgia slip and fall lawyer can help.

The most common locations where we have helped our slip and fall clients recover compensation for their damages include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Big-box stores such as Walmart or Costco
  • Movie theaters
  • Stadiums, arenas, and other sporting and music event venues

Suffering a personal injury due to an accident or incident that was caused by someone else will generally entitle you to compensation. If you are injured in a Walmart, for example, you will generally be filing your claim for compensation to cover your damages with the insurance company that Walmart pays to isolate them from complete financial liability when accidents happen. It can be difficult going against the attorneys of the insurance company when you are trying to recover from your slip and fall injuries, and a Georgia slip and fall lawyer can help.


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Common Injuries from Slip and Falls

While cartoons might poke fun at situations where individuals slip and fall on banana peels and other hazards, the injuries that can result are no laughing matter. When a person makes contact with a hard floor in an unexpected way, bones can break, and serious internal injuries can occur. It is important to seek out immediate medical care after your injury. Slip and falls can vary in their severity and can lead to lifelong health and mobility problems that impact your ability to work.

After emergency care, working with a Georgia slip and fall lawyer can help you schedule and collect follow-up opinions from medical and occupational experts to accurately measure the costs associated with your injuries in the short and long term. Identifying spinal cord injuries and brain injuries requires professional assessments, given the internal nature of the injuries, and failure to reach out to professionals can lead to these injuries becoming worse.

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is the information highway through which messages from your brain move through your body. When your spinal cord is injured, your ability to control your body and its essential functions can be impacted. These kinds of injuries are often life-long and lead to substantial medical costs, shifts in earnings ability, and other costs.

According to data published by the National Institute of Health, 29% of all spinal cord injuries are caused by falls. Further, 20% of all spinal cord injuries due to slips and falls on the same level from tripping, slipping, and stumbling were the most common cause of fall-induced spinal cord injuries at 20%. Slipping and tripping on a hazard in a store or other retail location that was not effectively cleaned up or at least made clear with warning signs can lead to serious spinal cord injury that can result in long-term and life-altering injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

One of the leading causes of brain injuries is falls, which lead to nearly half of all traumatic brain injury-related deaths in the United States. As explained by the CDC, traumatic brain injury or TBI is an injury that impacts how your brain works and is a leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Each day in 2020, approximately 176 Americans died from a TBI-related injury, while in 2019, there were some 223,000 hospitalizations as a result of TBI-related injuries. A TBI is caused by a bump, blow, or penetrating wound to the head which injures the brain.

Injuries to the brain from a slip and fall may not be immediately apparent as the symptoms may take time to develop. Even a minor TBI, often referred to as a concussion, can lead to permanent chemical changes in the brain that can influence the ability to concentrate. There may even be changes in personality and interpersonal relationships.

Broken/Fractured Bones

Slip and falls that lead to broken and fractured bones can result in the need for surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing pain management. In the short term, broken bones can keep you out of work during recovery and, even with effective treatment, may lead to permanent disabilities that impact your ability to return to work in the long term.



See what your case could be worth



The following frequently asked questions will help you understand what you could be entitled to for your slip and fall injury and how a Georgia slip and fall lawyer can help.

How Much is My Slip and Fall Injury Worth?

The amount that your slip and fall claim is worth will depend upon what the evidence determines will be the long-term impact of your injuries in terms of financial costs and lost wages, and earnings potential. The medical costs that are covered in your settlement are meant to include not only the emergency medical care immediately following your injury but also long-term medical costs like medications, treatment, rehabilitation, surgeries, and other necessary care that will be required. Occupational costs include lost wages and work benefits in the short term and any negative change in your earnings from the time of your injury through the remainder of your working life.

Measuring your injury requires follow-ups from occupational and medical experts and an understanding of how much insurance companies have settled for in similar cases. If the insurance company will not settle, then knowledge of how cases proceed through your local courts will be essential to support the best outcome in your case.

Should I Accept an Insurance Settlement Without Speaking with a Georgia Slip and Fall Lawyer?

The insurance company for the party responsible for your slip and fall injury may be quick to offer you a settlement. This settlement offer may seem to cover your immediate medical costs, lost wages, and potentially even some extra money for other costs. However, it is important to understand that the insurance company increases profits by paying you less than you deserve. Without expert opinions and follow-ups to measure the true long-term costs associated with your injuries, you and your family could ultimately be left covering associated costs in the future.

Reaching out to a Georgia slip and fall lawyer from the Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC, is risk-free and cost-free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking with our attorney before accepting a settlement. The insurance company cannot force you to accept a settlement and cannot prevent you from speaking with an attorney to determine your best interests.

How Does a Georgia Slip and Fall Lawyer Help on My Case?

If we agree to represent you, our firm will take over the entire claims process for you, removing the stress from your day-to-day life. The process begins by collecting some basic information about your injury and the accident or incident that caused it. From there, if we determine that we are a good fit to work together, we will go over how our contingency fee arrangement works. A contingency fee means that we only get paid if we win. Our firm will handle collecting evidence, scheduling follow-ups for you, drafting your claim, and negotiating the best possible settlement on your behalf.

Determine if You Have a Case by Speaking with a Georgia Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall injuries can lead to extensive medical bills and lost earnings, and you could be entitled to compensation to cover these damages, so they don’t have to come out of your pocket. For help determining if you have a case and what it might be worth, reach out to a Georgia slip and fall lawyer from the Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC by calling (404) 480-4284 or visit our site to connect with us online.