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Hit & Run (Valid Injury Claims)

Hit & Run: How to Have a Valid Injury Claim

To pursue a valid hit and run motor accident injury claim in Atlanta, you will need to take several steps and provide specific information to help identify the responsible party and support your claim.

Here's what's needed:

  1. Immediate Actions at the Scene:
    • Safety First: Ensure your safety and the safety of others at the scene. Seek medical attention for any injuries.
    • Gather Information: If possible, try to gather information about the hit and run driver and vehicle. This includes noting the license plate number, make and model of the vehicle, and any distinctive features (e.g., color, damage, stickers). Witnesses may also have valuable information.
    • Contact the Police: Report the hit and run to the police immediately. Provide them with as much information as possible about the incident and the other vehicle involved.
  2. Medical Treatment and Documentation:
    • Seek prompt medical attention for your injuries. Document all medical treatment, including hospital visits, doctor's appointments, medications, and rehabilitation.
    • Keep copies of medical records, bills, and any documentation related to your injuries. These documents will be crucial for proving the extent of your injuries and treatment costs.
  3. Contact Your Insurance Company:
    • Notify your own auto insurance company about the hit and run incident as soon as possible. Your policy may include coverage for uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) accidents, which can be used in hit and run cases.
    • Cooperate fully with your insurance company's investigation and provide them with all the information you have about the incident.
  4. Witness Statements:
    • If there were witnesses to the hit and run, obtain their contact information and statements. Witness testimony can be valuable in identifying the responsible party.
  5. Legal Representation:
    • Consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in hit and run cases. An attorney can guide you through the legal process, help you identify potential sources of compensation, and ensure you meet all deadlines for filing claims.
  6. Police Investigation:
    • Work closely with law enforcement agencies investigating the hit and run. They may use available evidence, such as surveillance footage or eyewitness accounts, to locate the responsible driver.
  7. Uninsured Motorist Coverage:
    • If the hit and run driver cannot be identified or does not have insurance, your uninsured motorist (UM) coverage may come into play. This coverage can help compensate you for your injuries and damages.
  8. Legal Documentation:
    • Keep all documents related to the incident, including the police report, insurance correspondence, medical records, and any communication with witnesses or the hit and run driver if identified.

Remember that hit and run accident cases can be complex, and identifying the responsible party is not always possible. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney in Atlanta is highly advisable. They can help you navigate the legal process, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue compensation to the fullest extent possible, whether from the hit and run driver or your own insurance company through UM coverage.