A Decatur Hotel Accident Lawyer Can Help After An Injury

At hotels, we pay considerable amounts of money in exchange for a safe and comfortable place to stay. If the accommodations are not comfortable, we feel as though we’ve wasted our money. But it is much worse when the hotel fails to live up to the duty to provide a safe environment.

Serious injuries can result when a hotel exposes guests to hazardous situations. In such cases, the hotel owes much more than just a refund of the price of the room. They owe you compensation for all the effects of your injuries, including the pain, mental anguish, and impact on your future.

Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC helps hotel accident victims recover full compensation for past suffering, expenses, and future needs. We know how to overcome the challenges of taking on corporate defense attorneys in high-profile cases. At the same time, we know that each client is much more than just a legal case. Your Decatur hotel accident lawyer will work to understand the full range of your needs after an accident and help you gain the resources to rebuild your life and move forward.   

Premises Liability in Georgia

Property owners in Georgia have certain responsibilities to others, particularly when they encourage people to come onto that property. By law, when someone who owns or manages property leads people to enter the premises, that owner or manager becomes liable to pay damages to anyone injured by the owner or manager’s “failure to exercise ordinary care in keeping the premises and approaches safe.” This is referred to as premises liability.

After a hotel accident, your Decatur hotel accident lawyer will need to show what ordinary care would have been under the circumstances and how the owner and/or manager of the property failed to meet that standard. Your attorney will also need to demonstrate how the breach of duty of care caused your injuries. All of this requires considerable evidence, and the owners of the hotel may try to cover up evidence as quickly as possible after an accident. That makes it vitally important to begin collecting and preserving evidence right away. A lawyer can assist in the process, so accident victims often have the best success when they begin working with an experienced personal injury attorney right after the accident.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Hotels

Falls in the home are frequently the cause of injuries including traumatic brain injuries, and a hotel serves as your home away from home. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents in hotels, both in their rooms and in public spaces such as lobbies and stairwells.

Slip and fall accidents in hotels are commonly caused by factors such as:

  • Lack of adequate lighting, particularly in stairwells
  • Spilled substances or debris
  • Slick floors caused by too much polish or poor design
  • Torn carpet and loose floor mats
  • Broken tiles

Hotel owners and managers have a duty to protect guests from foreseeable harm. They have a duty to inspect for hazardous conditions such as torn carpets that pose a tripping hazard or spills that could cause someone to slip and fall. When they detect a problem, they need to take action to warn guests, such as putting up a barricade, until the problem can be fixed.

After a slip and fall injury in a hotel, it is important to gather evidence to demonstrate that the owner knew or should have known about the danger. For instance, if you can find a witness who can testify that a section of carpet in the hallway had been torn for three days or that water that had dripped from a gutter left a patch of ice that remained in front of the door all morning, then that can show that owner or manager should have been aware of the problem and acted to address it appropriately. Besides witnesses, photographs of the scene and footage from security cameras can be extremely valuable forms of evidence. Camera footage may be erased or recorded over regularly, so it is important to act quickly to secure and preserve footage right away.

Hotel Fires, Explosions, and Other Disasters

Property owners and managers can also be held liable for injuries caused by fires, explosions, and other incidents in hotels. They have a responsibility to avoid creating dangerous conditions that can lead to fire as well as conditions that can prevent guests and employees from evacuating in case of an emergency.

They also have an obligation to prepare the building with appropriate safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. This equipment should be inspected regularly and kept in working order. If the lack of equipment or a malfunction causes injuries, the owner could be liable. When inspections or maintenance are performed by outside contractors, those companies may share in liability. For instance, if a specialty company maintains the elevators and one of the hotel elevators suddenly drops, resulting in injuries, both the building owner and the elevator maintenance company might be required to pay compensation to accident victims.

Injuries Caused by Inadequate Security in Georgia

The owner or manager of a hotel can also be held responsible even when the criminal conduct of a third party causes harm to guests. The duty to provide a safe environment includes the obligation to provide adequate security measures appropriate to the known risk in the area.

If there are police reports of attacks in the neighborhood, for instance, that should put the hotel owner and manager on notice of the criminal activity in the area and make it reasonably foreseeable that a guest could be assaulted on the property or on the approach to the property. Injuries caused by assault and other attacks can often result in severe injuries including traumatic brain injuries.

Our Decatur Hotel Accident Lawyer Fights to Get Hotel Accident Victims the Recovery They Deserve

After an accident in a hotel, corporate attorneys working for the hotel and the insurance companies often try to pressure victims to accept a quick settlement that is far less than the case is worth. Or even worse, they try to trick injured individuals into saying or doing something that gives them grounds to deny the claim.

The best way accident victims can protect their right to recovery is to secure representation and assistance from an experienced Decatur hotel accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. The team at Michael M. Day Law Firm, LLC has extensive experience helping victims and their families obtain damages for pain, suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, medical expenses, and future needs. If you’ve been injured in a situation where someone else may be responsible, we invite you to call us at 404-480-4284 or contact us online for a free case evaluation and consultation.