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You May Be Recorded.

Calls are being recorded

Sadly, ⁣I’ve seen it a thousand times. The insurance company calls a client after an accident and in a cordial manner the client says, “I’m doing OK.” Months later the insurance company uses that little sentence out of context to say that our client – said he was, “Just fine” months ago. You need to always remember that the insurance company is always recording you, on every single call.

Calls are being recorded
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Be Careful What You Say…

The point here is – no matter what – watch what you say to the insurance company, even better DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! Better yet – Let your #attorney do the talking so they don’t even have the chance to screw you or your case with some blip recording.⠀

Let your attorney talk for you:

You May be Recorded via YouTube

“They (insurance companies) want you to say something that they can later use against you, to lower the value of your case.”

You May Be Recorded, Michael M. Day

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