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Why You Should Get a Police Report After a Car Accident.

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GET A POLICE REPORT! It’s an unbiased account of your automotive accident that you will always have on record. Even if the other party has a believable or possibly true excuse to leave. C.Y.A. folks, trust me. Having a police report can make a world of difference when you’re filing an auto accident insurance claim, and it could be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the settlement that you deserve.

As a personal injury attorney, I see it all then time, especially with car accidents. People will make up all sorts of excuses to leave the scene of an accident. C.Y.A. folks, trust me.

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People will LIE …

It’s a hard fact of life to come to grips with but people will LIE about anything, especially if they’re the at-fault party in an Atlanta car accident. As I said above – I’ve seen it more times than I can count. A client gets rear-ended and the party at fault comes up with an excuse (that’s not true) to leave the scene of the accident. It usually always ends up that the victim is left high and dry because now any proof will be tied up in a “they said vs they said” situation.

A key tip to remember: is that a Police can have a huge impact on your car accident personal injury case.

Why Police Reports are Important.

The person who just rear-ended  might say something along the lines of, “Hey I really want to stay, just that I have to get to this thing (excuse) …” A police report for a car accident can also show “who-did-what” it establishes liability. This is vital when filing a car accident insurance claim, especially if being in an auto accident means dealing with medical bills later.

” People will give a “Sob-story.” Then give you their insurance information. Then, when it comes time to pay up, they will act as if they have never heard of you … “

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My legal advice is to all always get a police report, no matter the extent of the damage to your car or the injury. A police report will offer an unbiased report of the car accident or personal injury. It will put an end to any possible “they said vs. they said.”

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