Sep 23, 2020 Michael M. Day Law Firm

The Value of Medical Bills

Michael M. Day

I know you hear me say it all the time,
“Get Treatment” ?⠀

Unfortunately every car accident is different and because of the that each person heals differently. Your path to getting better might be different than anyone else’s.

I always tell my clients to get the #MedicalTreatment they need. Not to worry about the bills. You need to heal and get better. We will always work together to get the bills negotiated lower but first get better!⠀

Medical Bills help tell the story of what happened to you. Don’t get stuck on the idea that high medical bills mean that your settlement value/take-home amount is going to be smaller because a lot of the money is going to go towards paying the doctors. That’s not true.

A good #personalinjury attorney is going to negotiate your medical bills down and put you in the position to be the one taking home the most! ?

Medical Bills Michael M. Day