Jun 15, 2020 Michael M. Day Law Firm

Doing the Research.

Michael M. Day

Doing research is one of the most important things any consumer can do – when it comes to products and services. You should definitely do this when it comes to the hiring of a personal injury attorney you’re about to hire. Treat the hiring of an attorney the same way you would treat any other business or product.

You want to always make sure you feel comfortable with that attorney, and know that they have your best interest in mind. Remember that is a business and you are the consumer.

Michael M. Day
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Don’t let billboards do the research for you …

If you if live in Atlanta, Georgia you will see plenty of personal injury attorney advertisements. Don’t let the constant sight of wrapped MARTA buses and trains, or billboards along the highways and interstates be your research. Do your own research and make your own decisions. So if the worst happens, you already have the #knowledge and #trust on whom to call.

Research and Know Your Attorney.

Doing the Research with Michael M. Day

“I might be the best fit for you or I might not be … Not all attorneys are cut from the same cloth.”

Michael M. Day, Personal Injury Attorney

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Photo Credit: Daniel Martinez.