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Three Important Tips: to follow if you ever get to you ever get into a car accident.


1.) Call the Police:

It’s a hard fact of life to come to grips with but people will LIE about anything. Get a Police Report, It’s an unbiased account of the accident that you will always have on record.


1.) Seek or Get Medical Attention:

There are (2) important point here. One, you may be injured and not know it or maybe injured and know it! Likewise, that’s getting medical attention is so important. Two, We need evidence Medical Records to provide proof to insurance companies. so your attorney can help maximize your case’s value. (Important Tip: It is also important to AVOID gaps in medical care. Make sure you follow-up and go to your medical appointments – gaps in getting care can translate to insurance companies that you’re NOT injured.)


1.) Stay OFF Social Media:

This is a relatively new “tip” but it’s one that is becoming more common and should now be followed. For example, nsurance companies will now search through anyone’s social media to find evidence that goes against your case. That’s why important to make sure you are NOT posting anything to your social media platforms, that could be interpreted the wrong way.





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